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Hear from brand owners, retailers and licensees about their success in the industry and benefit from great insights and advice on how you could get invovled too. Whether you are new to licensing or looking for inspiration, take a look at the different downloads available below that can help you make the most of the $262.9bn industry.

Success stories from BLE exhibitors

Animal Jam's global takeover

Find out how the childrens' online gaming platform Animal Jam launched into licensing and signed 10 deals and counting from their first time exhibiting at Brand Licensing Europe 2016.

A Journey into Licensing

From motivational thoughts to a successful book, ‘May The Thoughts Be With You’ is now on the brink of securing exciting licensing deals after winning the License This! competition at Brand Licensing Europe 2016.

Industry knowledge & insights

The Nuts 'n' Bolts of the licensing contract

Find everything from the benefits of direct-to-retail vs. triangle sourcing to the meaning of audit rights and sell-off periods in this handy guide. The licensing contract will soon have no secrets for you!

Top tips to a productive licensing conversation

Find out the key questions to ask a brand owner, and the questions that they will probably ask you in the Top Tips To Having A Productive Licensing Conversation which will help you to get your foot in the door of this $262.9bn industry. 

With retail sales generally seeing a decrease in 2017, sales of licensed products grew to $251.7bn globally. Find out how Primark, Lidl and Colette are expanding and innovating in brand licensing in License Global’s special report.

Sports licensing is worth $24.9bn at retail globally and is growing. There is an increased demand for sporting consumer products and big name brands are staying ahead of the trend. Find out the global growth strategies of some of the biggest names in sport with this exclusive report.

Activision Blizzard are now the largest game network in the world. Licensing has been at the heart of their growth and plays a key role in their success, from extending engagement with gamers to securing shelf space in retail stores. Find out their strategy in this exclusive case study.