Stakeholder engagement

What can you do as a visitor?


  • The biggest environmental impact of visitors to our events is from travelling; the single best thing you can do is to think about your travel choices
  • If you have the ability, choose train travel instead of planes as the same distance travelled by train rather than by aeroplane creates 90% less carbon
  • When choosing a hotel pick one close to the venue to reduce travelling
  • When leaving the event try to carpool


At the event

  • Be aware of what waste you are generating and reduce it as much as you can
  • Ensure you use the recycling facilities provided
  • Try not to gather paper or excess promotional materials that you are not going to use, this helps make sure exhibiting companies have a better idea of how much they need to print out year on year


What can you do as an exhibitor?

Your printed collateral

  • When designing the collateral you intend to hand out to visitors there are a few key things to consider regarding the environment
  • If it’s printed, are you using 100% recycled paper? Is it FSC? Is the paper unbleached? Could you use a digital version projected on to your stand instead? Do you need to be handing them out – will they get used?
  • Promotional material, if you hand out pens or pencils why not ensure they are sustainable by buying ones that are made out of recycled plastic, or recycled paper? Paper bags not plastic? Don’t be afraid to advertise how your company is taking this into its planning in preparation of the event!
  • Did you know that over 60% of exhibition handouts are thrown away? 

Your stand

  • When designing your stand think about what will happen to all the different elements of it once the show is over
  • Design and build your stand to be modular and reusable. Ask your designers how you can avoid your stand going to waste. This is often a more cost-effective solution and will benefit your company in the long term
  • What is your stand made from? Use recycled and recyclable/reusable materials that are made using sustainably sourced materials
  • What electronics are you using? Use LED’s or low energy light bulbs. Is anything being used or left on unnecessarily?