Animal Jam case study

Animal Jam's Global Takeover

Did you know that gaming has overtaken film as the largest entertainment industry worldwide?

With the diversity of content and loyal fan base, brand licensing offers enormous untapped potential for gaming companies. From t-shirts in Topman to cards on, the opportunities are endless.

Take a look at how the online game Animal Jam have used Brand Licensing Europe to launch into licensing, and as a result signed 10 new products deals and counting.

What can you expect?

  • Hear from brand owner WildWorks about their latest success with Animal jam since exhibiting at Brand Licensing Europe 2016 
  • Find out how they work with their different licensees to create exciting product ranges for their young audience 
  • Get the perspective from licensee Centum Books about developing licensed goods, working with brand owner Animal Jam and having a successful relationship to help create exciting products that truly reflect the successful brand

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